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Questions to ask yourself:
Would you put your parents in a Nursing Home if you had the opportunity to put them into a private home for the same amount or less money? What about yourself? Where do you see yourself in the later years of your life?

1. Would you rather have a one care giver to six resident ratio 24 hours a day with at least hourly checks licensed by the State, or just having your loved one checked on if they miss a meal or waiting endlessly after they hit a call button for help?

2. Would you rather have bathing done when needed, not just once a week, or as an added fee if needed more than once a week?

3. Would you rather have your parent(s) be able to stay in their same room/location (and together instead of separated) versus being relocated somewhere else if their needs change?

4. Would you rather have your parent(s) be able to enjoy living in a beautiful home, inside and out, as if it's their own, or sit in a hallway or isolated in a room most of the day?

5. Where would you rather bring yourself and your family to visit a loved one? A residential home or a large, commercial facility?

West Michigan Compassionate Living should be your first choice for the best care.
Call us today to discuss your needs. 616-334-6262

Our Home:
• Licensed by the State of Michigan
• 24 hour monitoring including hourly resident checks.
• Ratio of 1 caregiver to 6 residents
• Bathing/personal assistance care as needed
• a home
• bedroom, bathroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, game room, outdoor patio, with beautiful landscaping.
• personal care
• all care levels in one home (not necessary to move unless hospitalized)
• price
• family welcome anytime
• parties, holidays, family activities

Other Facility:
• Most not licensed by State
• Residents only checked on sporadically or if they miss a meal.
• Ratios of 1 caregiver to 10 or more residents
• Bathing/personal assistance are extra price
• Small rooms
• Commercial feel to the building
• Multiple moves for different levels of care.
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